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Im Echo-Interview: Charlie Rugg

Hey Charlie, a few weeks ago, you arrived here in Trier. What are your first impressions about the city in general and the club in special?

My first impression when I arrived in Trier was that it is so different from where I was in California. It’s a much smaller city than I am used to and for the first few weeks I was here it was always raining. However, I entered the experience with a „ready for anything“ attitude, and have grown more comfortable in Trier and in Germany.

What I first noticed about the club is that the team is very close. All of the guys look out for each other on and off the field which I think has been a big reason for their success. The players have been very welcoming to a foreigner and have helped me with the language which I am thankful for.                                                                                   

Before joining Eintracht Trier, you played for LA Galaxy. How much of the German Soccer did you know before coming here?

I didn’t know much about German soccer specifically although I had a former college teammate and friend, Sacir Hot, who played with Kassel a few years ago. I knew that 3rd and 4th division in Germany were still very good levels to play even though they are not the top leagues. I have found that the atmosphere and the attitude in this league is better than the lower leagues in America. The fans are sometimes less, but they always make it feel like more. The players always work hard and fight for each other.

We’re already joking that we should play a special hymn when you’re scoring at the Moselstadion. Something like „Rock (Rugg) around the clock“ or anything like that. Would you like it?

I think it’s funny that my name in Germany has become Rock. I’ve never heard this before. I don’t mind at all but if you wanted to keep the rock theme I think „We will rock you“ by Queen would work well.

In how far is supporting a team in Europe (like our supporters do) different to the way how it is done in America?

Fußball is clearly much more popular here and you can feel that in the atmosphere at games. Even with 2,000 fans here it feels like more. I remember when I first got here we had a few practice games before the second part of the season started and I couldn’t believe that anyone came out to watch even the practice games. In America there are some first division teams like Portland Timbers or Seattle Sounders that get 40,000 – 60,000 supporters that are very good. The biggest difference compared to here is that I think 2,000 fans here are much more supportive and involved in the game than 10,000 fans in Indianapolis.